new year

Cheers To A Wonderful New Year!

New year, new beginnings, new memories, and new holiday trips. A hopeful year lies ahead of all of us. As we walk into this roller-coaster ride, a moment to look back at the successful year before doesn’t sound like such a bad plan, right?

Let’s rewind back to the marvelous holiday season of 2018 and some of the memories we created together!

Fun in Foam!

new year

A little bit of Zumba, a lot of foam – a great recipe for a fun beach party. Lively members of Glow-fit and their Zumba moves got the party kicking. But of course, the party would have not been as exciting as it was without you joining us to show us your Zumba skills. It was great to see both kids and adults enjoying together!

Beach Party

new year

Talking about beach events, how can we leave out the Game-on beach day? Volleyball competitions and water polo games were the highlight of the afternoon. The pop mixes of DJ Dulshan was the cherry on top of this game day.

Music is in the Air

new year

Doesn’t music remind you of the various talented musicians you met throughout this festive? Axam with his saxophone and Rilley with his violin, got us grooving to the romantic rhythms while Ritte, Wood band, and Cathy got us shuffling on to the dance floor.

Memories with Lil’ones

new year

Our adorable little guests surely had a great time as well. Special Parties and disco evenings were held where Santa dropped by with gifts for everyone. Yes, we do believe in the little gesture of love through this fantasy during Christmas. The adorable moments you had with our Santa will always be cherished.

Eat, Dance, Repeat

new year

Christmas Eve Dinner and party as well as new year eve Gala and DJ has also been remarkable nights celebrated. Great food, music and loved ones together, is how an impeccable holiday celebration is complete. We hope the food and hospitality we provided exceeded your expectations.

We hope our gesticulations and activities played a little role in making this holiday season perfect for you and your family. We wish you and your loved ones a very magnificent year ahead.  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!