53rd Independence Day

Maldives Independence Day 2018

Today, 26th of July 2018, marks the 53rd Independence day of Maldives.

After episodes of foreign rule and being a protectorate, the 26th day of July 1965 dawned on the Maldivian islands with the joyous trumpets which tuned the newly found independence of the country.

Since then, Maldivians festively mark every 26th of July, celebrating the glorious occasion.

Maldives Independence Day is marked with various festive events held throughout the country.

In the earlier days, the celebrations in the capitol city Male’ kicks off in the evening with a march past by the then National Security Service and the National Cadet Corps. The march is followed by processions and performances which is a mixture of both traditional values and modern theme, by school students across Maldives. The dancers and the children roam about in colorful attires. the Celebrations are part of all and thus it is celebrated both at national and community level.

Keeping up the spirit of Independence, Bandos Maldives celebrates this joyous occasion each year with various activities, sharing our deep rooted tradition and customs with our valued guests.

This year, the grand celebration activities starts as early as 0830 Hours at Lotus Park, located north of the island and will continue till 1430 Hours with a break, from 1030 till 1300. This activity is a work show dedicated towards keeping authentic Maldivian handicrafts alive. During the show, the art of palm leaf weaving and lacquer works will be displayed. Professionals will be handcrafting live during this show where the scenery will be as such of ancient Maldivian parish.

During the celebration of Independence Day, wouldn’t it be great to know the history of Maldives, how and which foreign power, The Maldives got ruled by? That’s exactly what Bandos Maldives has planned for the night of 26th  of July. At 2030 Hours tonight, travel in time at Sand Bar where the origin of Maldives along with its journey towards Independence Day will be presented to you.

The full day event of Maldives Independence Day will be wrapped up with a Maldivian Cultural Show at 2100 Hours. Cultural Dances performed by our dancers and traditional drumming known as Bodu Beru performances are sure to wake the dancer in you.

As Bandos Maldives celebrates the Independence day of Maldives, partake in on the activities starting from weaving palm leaves till it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and join the Bodu Beru fun.

Happy glorious 53rd Independence Day to Maldives of behalf of Bandos Maldives.