Nautical Chandelier

Seas and Greetings!

wreathThe holiday sea-sun is just around the corner!

Set your sail towards the sunny side of life, and anchor at Bandos Maldives to get in the holiday spirit in this slice of paradise on earth. From tailored events to unique experiences, this Holiday season in Bandos Maldives is going to be truly sun-stacular!

This year, we are offering a wider range of entertainment and relaxation experiences than ever before; you can expect rich culinary experiences, joyous entertainment and rejuvenating wellness activities, all capped off with a New Year’s Eve jollification with a dazzling fireworks show.

Our theme for this year’s Holiday celebration draws inspiration from the pristine waters that surround you as you spend time with your loved ones on Bandos Maldives; we are celebrating life on the beautiful Indian Ocean with plenty of exciting events you can be sure to enjoy, no matter what age you are!

FishnetTrue to this theme, you will find the island decorated in shades of blue, white and turquoise, and adorned with Christmas trees, lights, shells and ornaments to bring in the holiday cheer.

It’s not all ocean, sand and saying “AHOY!” though; we also have a wide array of opportunities for you to observe classic Christmas traditions at your home away from home, such as Sandy Christmas Gala , Christmas Tree Lighting, caroling and of course, selfies with Santa! Our program for the Holiday Season will take you and your family on a journey that is as sweet as it is salty, for shore!

Curious to be aboard in Bandos Maldives? and get some VitaminSea and MineralSand! Surely, it’s going to be an atmosphere of love, peace and joy!

Here you go check on our festive program.