Orchid Spa

Spoil yourself at Orchid Spa!

The times we live in makes us want to escape into another world every so often, even if it’s just for scant hours. This exigency to “Getaway” is where a day in a Spa can be a blessing. If switching off and relaxing is in on your to-do list, Orchid Spa in Bandos Maldives is just the place for you to visit.

The enchantment starts with a welcome drink. It’s a special drink made in-house to relax your body for the treatments. As you walk in, the soothing sound of the little artificial waterfall along with the beautiful view in front you will surely appease you.

Our spa delivers amazing massages varying from traditional Aromatherapy Massages till the famous Hot Stone Massage. The Signature Massage at Orchid Spa combines different massage styles: Indian Head Massage, Thai, and Swedish Massages. These massages calm the nervous system, warm and ease muscle tissue, and promote the growth of healthy new skin cells, leaving your skin beautifully supple. Add-ons available for the massages bring the touch of perfection to the services provided. You can add extra time to be spent on any area you prefer. Doesn’t that sound utopian?

Orchid Spa

You will without-doubt find a package available for your every need, here at Orchid Spa. Body Wraps, Body Scrubs as well as Facials are just the beginning. If having your sun-exposed skin gently healed and soothed is what you are looking for, try the “Sun Sensation” package. Maybe you prefer to enjoy a private and exclusive treatment with your spouse? Don’t worry, Orchid Spa got you covered with our “Orchid Romance” package. The Steam room and Sauna facilities are just an added bonus!

Our young guests are just as important to us as our adult guests. While you are getting pampered in our salon with pedicures and manicures., or perhaps getting your hair and make-up done, our little guests can enjoy a massage done with the utmost care. Special packages of pedicure, manicures and nail art is also available for the little ones.

Orchid Spa hasn’t forgotten our yoga loving guests either. An hour of Yoga session is also available on your request.

Well, if you still need a little bit of convincing to spoil yourself at the Spa, try visiting Orchid Spa for a tour. The mesmeric surrounding will definitely do its magic!