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The Bandos Maldives renewal of vows package is for those who seek a traditional island ceremony. Held on the white sand beaches of Bandos, the ceremony is followed by a private sunset cruise on a Dhoni (Maldivian boat) after which the couple can enjoy a romantic private dinner by the sea.


Capture the romantic spirit of the ocean's melody with our ocean theme wedding, featuring accents inspired by the sun, sand, and the sea. Exchange vows under an aqua blue and white decorated pergola. e pathways are decorated with hanging shells, blue and white stones and sand accents. Every detail, in blue, sand and aqua, evokes the natural beauty of a seaside celebration.


The Tropical Paradise theme wedding brings together the vibrant colours of the Maldives. Gorgeous flowers arranged intricately evokes a romantic feel of tropical opulence. Local style decorations and lush heart shape coconut leaves embellish the ceremony along with an impressive arch entrance. Natural wooden trays filled with a variety of flowers in vibrant colors serve as centerpieces. The tropical beat of Maldivian drums will signal the start of this unique ceremony.

Tropical Paradise Package Includes:
Bodu Beru Procession with Traditional Maldivian Beats
Maldivian Sarong for the couple


The Rustic Romance wedding enhances your special day with a sense of natural elegance. Organic elements and dri wood sets the stage for a wedding that is tranquil and charming.

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