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Introducing our Viber sticker pack

It’s an indisputable fact that people like having fun while texting. We are officially introducing our very first Viber Bandos Sticker pack. It is tailored to add value to the conversations among friends and family by sharing sticker images of the unique experiences at Bandos.
Viber sticker pack
By creating Viber Bandos Stickers we intend to make your conversation more exciting and sensational. Whether you are going on an excursion to see the dolphins, sunbathing on our white sandy beaches, watching a mesmerizing sunset while sipping your favorite drink, enjoying our daily scheduled weekly entertainments, going in the deep blue sea to see our beautiful underwater world or even releasing all the stress by getting a massage, stickers help you share your feelings in a way that you can’t always express with words. To start, we’re launching stickers created of Alana by our very talented associate Mr. Ahmed Shafleen. These stickers are designed to help your friends and family fantasize what it is like to have a holiday at Bandos.

Viber QR codeTo download the stickers pack simply scan the QR code or visit the link below. Stickers will be available for Android and iPhone from now onwards. We hope you will enjoy them.

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Bandos Maldives will continue to surprise its customers with exciting and meaningful initiatives, which brings added value to our guest’s holiday experience.