Bandos maldives

Did you know?

When you plan your trip to Bandos Maldives, probably the most you would know about the island includes room categories, rates, and services. But curiosity, being a part of human nature does get the best of us, doesn’t it? You wish you knew more. Something equally interesting as the beauty of the island. Well, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 5 fascinating facts about Bandos Maldives that’ll sate your inquisitiveness.


Bandos Maldives is the second resort of Maldives and has been up and running without a pause.


Bandos maldives

Bandos Maldives was opened on 10th December 1972 as the second resort of Maldives. Since then Bandos has been continuously running. There have been no shut-downs throughout this long and glorious 46 years. Though the renovations do take place, services haven’t been paused in its history.


Bandos Maldives has 535 associates attending to every need of yours



From the friendly associates you see at the front desk till the energetic associates working behind the scenes, we are a team of 535 associates dedicated to make your vacation memorable. Among these amazing 535, we have associates who have been working here since the start of Bandos Maldives. YES! 46 years of continuous outstanding service! Bandos Maldives has over 50 associates who have been serving here for 20 years and more. Thank you, associates!


Bandos Maldives has the only functioning hyperbaric chamber in the Maldives


hyperbaric chamber


Our medical clinic has a decompression chamber and a hyperbaric chamber. This service is available at all times should you need it. We have in-house dive doctors and nurses to aid you in our clinic.


Bandos Maldives has the largest dive center among all the resorts of Maldives


dive center

Dive Bandos is the largest dive center among all the resorts in the country. The Dive Centre is a spacious air-conditioned area which includes audio-visual classrooms, library, hot water showers and large storage rooms. Dive Bandos also offers a wide range of PADI courses. The best part is, they have multi-lingual instructors who could conduct your courses in English, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Chinese.


Bandos Maldives has one of the best in-house reefs



Due to the wide range of fishes and beautiful corals our reef is known to be one of the best in the country. Let’s not forget the beautiful stingrays, turtles and little sharks that live there. Our house reef is just a few meters away from the beach. One snorkel trip to our house reef will leave you wanting for more.


That’s definitely not everything. There are a lot more exciting facts about Bandos Maldives. But, I’ll leave the stories for when you visit us. After all, there should be some adventure and mystery to unravel upon arrival, right?