island hopping

Island Hopping – For seekers of local lifestyle

Maldivian resorts are mostly known for being luxurious and modern. However, when people from all around the globe plan their trip, their true intention doesn’t depend merely on the luxury but also to get a glimpse of local culture. Bandos Maldives is well known for keeping the ancient culture and true island tropical feeling alive for the past 46 years. To ensure not to miss out in every aspect of island lifestyle, Bandos has a special excursion; Island Hopping designed just for the seekers of tropical vibes.

Your tour starts at 0830Hrs with a 45-minute ferry ride to the nearby island, Hura. Hura is a little island located between two resorts, Four Season and Club Med Kani. With an inhabitance of approximately 600 people, Hura is known for the rich culture and the beautiful beaches.


Your tour at Hura begins with an overview of the island and the harbor area, where you will see fisherman’s with their fresh, huge yellowfin tunas preparing to sell their catch. Walking towards your next stop, you will be passing by the school of the island and learning about the education system and Maldivian script before you reach the beautiful beaches. With four seasons seemingly a few feet away, the area is huge with a vast number of trees. This area is the playground for local children and a spot to relax for the adults after their busy days.

Just around the corner, you will find the biggest tree of the island. This mighty enormous tree is a Banyan tree aging over 80+ years. As you walk back further into the streets of the island, you will notice a smile on every local’s face, most of them greet you with a hello.

On your way to the next halt, you will be introduced to handmade souvenirs made out of shells and corals. You will also see old houses built wholly out of coral rocks. When you arrive at the next terminus you will find yourself standing at the edge of the one and only swamp in Kaafu Atoll. This is a protected reserve by the government of Maldives and has been noted that you can discover over 220 different species of crabs as well as other marine creatures within the swamp itself.

Your adventure in Hura will end after a quick souvenir shopping while sipping on a fresh coconut. But your escapade is not yet over! Following a 20 minutes’ boat ride, you will reach paradise island resort where you can unwind before you head back to Bandos Maldives.

Although your Island hopping excursion ends at 1230Hrs upon reaching the resort, you will still be surrounded by tropical vibes during our holiday spent in Bandos.