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The reason for choosing the Maldives as your vacation destination is undeniably the azure sea and the clear sky. But in today’s traveler checklists, recreational activities and sports are definitely among the top three “MUST”. If you are among the travelers with this checklist, the Clubhouse is where your exploit at Bandos Maldives begins. Our
male' tour
Even though the main tourist attraction of Maldives is the clear blue sky and azure sea, for a seeker of adventure our history and culture will definitely be captivating. Bandos Maldives has a special excursion; Male’ Tour, to ensure you don’t miss the chance to travel back in time to learn about our rich culture
matato travel awards
Maldives Travel Awards hosted by Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO), celebrate and honors the best tourism and hospitality products in the Maldives while fostering relationships with suppliers and local travel agents. MATATO awards that started with 20 categories in 2012 have now expanded into three editions totaling 55 categories. Out of
Water Sports

Ocean ventures – Watersports

Being a country with 99% water, dive spots and reefs scattered throughout the country, Maldives is the most ideal destination for all kinds of watersports. Thus, most of us traveling to the Maldives has already noted “watersports” on our bucket list. Keeping your bucket list in mind, Bandos Maldives ensures to provide a playing ground
Food sposts
The first concern when we plan our trip is “Food”. The places available to eat or the dishes they serve. Vegetarian meals available? How about gluten free? Bandos Maldives has every kind of food pallet to suit your needs. You will find 6 outlets to choose from in Bandos Maldives. Different outlets specializing in different
Bandos maldives

Did you know?

When you plan your trip to Bandos Maldives, probably the most you would know about the island includes room categories, rates, and services. But curiosity, being a part of human nature does get the best of us, doesn’t it? You wish you knew more. Something equally interesting as the beauty of the island. Well, we’ve
Orchid Spa
The times we live in makes us want to escape into another world every so often, even if it’s just for scant hours. This exigency to “Getaway” is where a day in a Spa can be a blessing. If switching off and relaxing is in on your to-do list, Orchid Spa in Bandos Maldives is
Beach Villa
The white sandy beaches, the blue sky, sun shining on your skin and yes, shades of the azure sea are all you can think of when you plan your visit to the Maldives. Isn’t it? You’d never want to lose the sight of waves lapping the beach, and of cause your privacy. Bandos Maldives has
Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, has become a fan favorite among travelers, who often post wanderlust-inducing photos from their worldly adventures. It is undeniable that the Maldives is probably the most “Instagrammable” country of the world. Bandos Maldives is one of the most Instagrammed, photographed and iconic resorts to visit in the Maldives. The island
Most resorts are known for the calm environment. Thus, activities and such are usually minimalized just to provide that feeling. But aren’t you looking for resorts that pride in providing different kinds of entertainment that give you the “WOW” factor? If you’re, Bandos Maldives is the best choice. Though more famous for its peaceful and
53rd Independence Day
Today, 26th of July 2018, marks the 53rd Independence day of Maldives. After episodes of foreign rule and being a protectorate, the 26th day of July 1965 dawned on the Maldivian islands with the joyous trumpets which tuned the newly found independence of the country. Since then, Maldivians festively mark every 26th of July, celebrating
Dear Valued guests, We have been looking into your comments and we are pleased to let you know we have reduced the minimum number of guests required for excursions. We have revised our Excursions Price list from August onward. Email us for new prices. Thank you
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