Bandos Easter

Hop your way into Easter!

Bandos Maldives is set to bring a new twist to this holiday season with a range of family activities to celebrate Easter. Easter is a celebration of unity and love, which is why we have planned entertaining games, parties, craft making and more activities specially designed for the little ones while also some of them
What better place to relax and enjoy yourself than the amazing tropical wonderland of thousand islands, Maldives? Among these thousand Islands, Bandos Maldives is one the most popular resorts in the Maldives, and with good reasons. Surrounded by azure seas and edged with crystalline white beaches, Bandos is, of course, a nature lover’s paradise, and
new year
New year, new beginnings, new memories, and new holiday trips. A hopeful year lies ahead of all of us. As we walk into this roller-coaster ride, a moment to look back at the successful year before doesn’t sound like such a bad plan, right? Let’s rewind back to the marvelous holiday season of 2018 and
christmas celebration
The jingle of the bells and the sweet carols were heard as the festive celebrations kicked off at Bandos Maldives yesterday. This year Bandos Maldives is following a rustic theme. The decorations being used throughout the festive were made our very creative associates. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the artistic decors you will
Bandos Anniversary

Glorious 46th Anniversary

Bandos Maldives marks a glorious 46 years in hospitality this December. The exquisite resort was opened to guests in December 1972 and secured the seat of the second ever resort opened in the Maldives. As of today, Bandos Maldives is a leading local resort brand and has established a profound repute with a prodigious number
Festive Celebrations

Festive Celebrations

Christmas is the time of the year when the whole world wishes to celebrate with peculiarly different and charismatic way. And of course, a trip to a destination charming enough to captivate your attention would be the best option to celebrate Christmas day. Bandos Maldives is an enthralling location that will render you with a

BOO! IT is Halloween!

A chance to dress up, a chance to bring your favorite horror movies to life and of course, a chance to show your creativity when you go trick or treating! It’s all more fun when it is Halloween. A festive enjoyed by all generations, where tricks are waiting around the corner and treats are waiting
island hopping
Maldivian resorts are mostly known for being luxurious and modern. However, when people from all around the globe plan their trip, their true intention doesn’t depend merely on the luxury but also to get a glimpse of local culture. Bandos Maldives is well known for keeping the ancient culture and true island tropical feeling alive
The reason for choosing the Maldives as your vacation destination is undeniably the azure sea and the clear sky. But in today’s traveler checklists, recreational activities and sports are definitely among the top three “MUST”. If you are among the travelers with this checklist, the Clubhouse is where your exploit at Bandos Maldives begins. Our
male' tour
Even though the main tourist attraction of Maldives is the clear blue sky and azure sea, for a seeker of adventure our history and culture will definitely be captivating. Bandos Maldives has a special excursion; Male’ Tour, to ensure you don’t miss the chance to travel back in time to learn about our rich culture