Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, has become a fan favorite among travelers, who often post wanderlust-inducing photos from their worldly adventures. It is undeniable that the Maldives is probably the most “Instagrammable” country of the world. Bandos Maldives is one of the most Instagrammed, photographed and iconic resorts to visit in the Maldives. The island
Most resorts are known for the calm environment. Thus, activities and such are usually minimalized just to provide that feeling. But aren’t you looking for resorts that pride in providing different kinds of entertainment that give you the “WOW” factor? If you’re, Bandos Maldives is the best choice. Though more famous for its peaceful and
53rd Independence Day
Today, 26th of July 2018, marks the 53rd Independence day of Maldives. After episodes of foreign rule and being a protectorate, the 26th day of July 1965 dawned on the Maldivian islands with the joyous trumpets which tuned the newly found independence of the country. Since then, Maldivians festively mark every 26th of July, celebrating
Dear Valued guests, We have been looking into your comments and we are pleased to let you know we have reduced the minimum number of guests required for excursions. We have revised our Excursions Price list from August onward. Email us for new prices. Thank you

Review | The Maldives Bandos resort

Here is another delightful review from Luke Peppe detailing his experience in Bandos Maldives! Luke himself is a hotelier and owns Ibiza Villa’s 2000 His insights would surely benefit expertise. Thank you for the wonderful Review Luke!
Please find below this amazing review written by Rosie after her stay in Bandos Maldives! Her review would surely broaden a youths perspective on Bandos Maldives! Enjoy reading! 
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Award winning journalist, Stuart Forster was among the writers who attended World Travel Writers conference arranged by Maldives TV in September 2017 which was held in Bandos Maldives. Stuart Forster resided in Bandos Maldives during the duration of the Conference which gave him the opportunity to experience the Bandos Maldives experience. Stuart enjoyed our excursions
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Bartenders challenge
The beautiful and tranquil resort island of Bandos Maldives kicked off the annual Grape Expectations Bartenders Challenge on 1st August 2017. The much-hyped event was indeed a one of a kind gathering and is planned to last for two days on the resort. Along with high quality brands such as Giffard, Danzka, Plantation Rum and